Inaugurated in 2017, the award is named for one of our founding members. Maureen Furniss joined the Society as a student at its inception and has since supported the Society as President, Chair and as one of the most prolific writers, publishers and promoters of animation studies globally. She has always been a champion of students and encouraged many to flourish in their careers.


Jason Douglass – In Search of a “New Wind”: Experimental, Labour Intensive and Intermedial Animation in 1950s and 60s Japan (winner)

Iveta Karpathyova – Rotoscoping Design for Bodily Technique and Interdisciplinary Research on Animation as Embodied Practice (runner-up)

Gary Wilson – The Glass Canvas: Approaching Digital Direct Under Camera Animation (runner-up)


Jacqueline Ristola – Realist Film Theory and Flowers of Evil: Exploring the Philosophical Possibilities of Rotoscoped Animation (winner)

Jason Douglass – Artist, Author, and Pioneering Motion Picture Animator: The Career of Helena Smith Dayton (runner-up)